ZEPPER XK3190-C8 Indicator

Product Description

*Name: Weighing controller system
*Model: XK3190-C8
Introduction: Weighing indicator XK3190-C8 adopts fast speed A/D conversion technology. It is widely applied in electronic batching scale electronic fix-value scale and electronic catchweigher, sort of control system. Meanwhile, it has function for max and min limitation alarm and peak value preserving.
Standard Function:
*3 inputs, 3 outputs (3 output relays inside) contro
*High precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000
*With 5 points nonlinearity amend
*If change the former indicator, no need to re-calibrate, only to input parameter of former indicator
*Embodies with automatic gravimetric filling instruments, catchweigher, alarm for max and min limitation and peak value preserving functions
*Able to set fixed-value, pre-act value, max-min limitation, and delay time freely based on different applications
*1-2 materials available for plus/minus scale; External, self-testing, and free max and min modes are available for catchweigher
*Standard RS-232/422/485 communication interface, baud rate and way of communication is optional
*Standard scoreboard interface serial sending signal by 20mA current loop (constant current)
*Precise simulate signal output with mode of 4-20mA/0-20mA/0-5V/0-10V optional, adjustable
*Accumulative weight and times is able to be stored, check, delete, and with date-protection when power cut off
*Able to connect with serial printer to print weighing record, accumulative amount or combined information, kg, t, g, lb, is an optional print unit
*Zero tracking, range for zero (automatic and manual) is free to be set
*Strong anti-jamming and reliability
*ESD protection performance: Touch 6KV, air 8KV
*Able to recover from factory setting

Technical parameter:
*Accuracy class: III
*AD conversion method: Conversion technology
*AD conversion bit: 24bit
*Conversion speed: 80 times/s
*Input signal range: -19mV~+19mV
*Input sensitivity: >1UV/e
*Nonlinearity: <0.01% F. S
*Full spam temperature<8PPM/C
*Load cell excitation: DC: 5V: 350mA
*Numbers of load cell connection: 1-8 load cells 350
*Method of load cell connection: 6 wire, auto compensation for long distance.
*Display: 7-digit LED, height of bit 0.5 inch, 11 status lights.
*Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
*Clock: Able to show real time and date
*Keyboard: 5 soft-touch buttons
*Scoreboard interface: Adopts serial sending signal by 20mA current loop
*Communication interface: Optional serial communication RS232C/RS422/RS485 and baud rate 600-9600
*Print interface: Share the serial interface, able to connect with serial printer.
*Relay output: Capacity of AC: 220V, 0.5A
*External input: On/off touch point (on/off controls in effect), able to connect controller such as proximity switch
*Power supply: AC 110-230V, 50/60Hz 1A
*Temperature and humidity in application: 0-40C, <90%RH
*Temperature for store and transportation: -20~50;
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