AD-8127D0000Compact Printer W 2RS232 cable

-       Easy setting and operation with a numeric keypad and

           LCD display

-       Built-in calendar and clock for printing date and time

           at any time

-       Sends re-zero and weighing data request commands to

           the balance/scale


-       Clear and visible dot matrix printing, which also enables long-term preservation of the printed records

-       Compact and lightweight for portability and installation anywhere

-       Interval printing mode for printing weighing data at set intervals

-       Chart printing mode for printing time-series variations of weighing data

-       Dump printing mode to receive and print GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output from

            the balance/scale

            Performs and prints the results of statistical calculation including standard deviation

            Prints an ID number set for the printer at any time

            Dust-free paper (AX-PP173-S) available for use in clean rooms

            Two types of RS-232C cables (D-Sub 25P and D-Sub 9P) provided as standard to

            connect to balances/scales with different interfaces*

            Receives a print, paper feed, print statistical calculation results, print total,

            re-zero,    or

            weighing data request command from the optional foot switch (AX-SW128)



          Character specifications 7 × 9 dots, 1.6 (W) × 3.2 (H) mm

          Printing speed Approx. 1.6 lines/second

          Paper feeding speed Approx. 4 lines/second

          Number of characters printed 24 characters/line

          Printer paper width 57.5 mm

          Operating environment 0 to 40 °C/32 to 104 °F, 35 to 85%RH (no condensation)

          Storage environment −20 to 60 °C/−4 to 140 °F, 10 to 90%RH (no condensation)

          Interface RS-232C (D-Sub 9P, male) / Current loop (DIN)

          Power supply AC adapter

          Size / weight 174 (W) × 141 (D) × 87 (H) mm / approx. 500 g

          Standard accessories Ink ribbon (1 pc), plain printer paper (1 roll), AC adapter,

          AC adapter label,

          instruction manual, two RS-232C cables (D-Sub 25P and D-Sub 9P)*



          AX-PP137-S Plain printer paper (10 rolls)

          AX-PP173-S Dust-free printer paper (10 rolls)

          AX-ERC-22B Ink ribbon (5 pcs)

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